Differences between 100W and 200W desktop jewelry laser welding machine

1. The size and design is different, 100w machine is small and with light weight so can save shipping cost and space, the design is new from last year. It is welcomed by small jewelry repair shops.

100W: 39kg, 74*59*60cm with wooden case,

200W: 105kg, 100*60*80cm with wooden case,

2. 100w machine with built-in colorful CCD with the operation display screen are 2 in 1. 200w machine without CCD if you need CCD then should add money and the CCD for 200w is outlay type.

3. The flash lamp for 100w machine is Germany technology, it can used for at least 1-2 years no need to change. The flash lamp for 200w only can used for 8-12 months if working 8 hours per day.

4. The peak power for 200w is bigger than 100w, if you mainly welding silver, the 200w machine is recommended.

5. The function is the same, the two machine all can used for jewelries and dental or other small metal devices.