8-year professional laser equipment manufacturer
with service network covering more than 150 countries and regions.

60w 100w 200w Jewelry Repair Welding Machine
200w 300w 400w 500w Mold Repair Laser Welding Machine
Robotic Fiber Laser Welding Machine, Automatic Laser Welding Machine
1000w 1500w 2000w Handheld welding machine/Automatic Laser Welding Machine

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No consumables
Sustainable operation

Desktop, Uv, Curve Surface 3D, Enclosed Type,
Mini Type Enclosed, mini Portable Type

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Ultra high-power laser cutting machine
High productivity
Smooth cutting surface

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Company Profile

Optic Technology(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.



OPTIC LASER is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, and selling of industrial laser equipment and precision laser processing. It is also a global laser equipment solution provider offering innovative and proven solutions with reliable safety and quality customer service.


Our salesmen and engineers will provide you with a 1-to-2 one-stop service.

Our Applications

OPTIC LASER provides high-performance laser machines and solutions applied in various industries, including laser welding machine, jewelry welding machine, laser cleaning machine, laser marking machine, and laser cutting machine. Taking quality as priority, OPTIC LASER offers the best laser manufacturing products with excellent laser beam quality, fast working speed, and low maintenance cost.

Laser Welding

Laser beam welding is a welding technique used to join pieces of metal through a laser. The beam provides a concentrated heat source, allowing for narrow, deep welds and high welding rates.

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Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning removes coatings, contaminants, rust, and residues with a non-contact, non-abrasive high-energy laser beam, leaving the substrate untouched. OPTIC LASER provides the most cost-effective, efficient, and safest industrial cleaning method for rust removal, paint removal, and surface preparation.

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Jewelry Welding

Jewelry welding is also called jewelry soldering, laser welding artisanal repairs jewelry soldering, or laser welding. Jewelry soldering is particularly used to join the broken pieces of jewelry together with heat.

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Laser Marking

Laser marking is a permanent process that uses a concentrated beam of light to create a lasting mark on a surface without damage. It has wide applications such as applying labels with bar codes, date codes, QR codes, or adding copyright/trademarks and logos to different materials.

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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to slice materials, which is typically used for industrial manufacturing applications. A laser cutting machine can be applied to almost any rough material, including wood, metal, plastic, acrylic, etc.

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